OpenSource and IBCL

IBCL uses (expect very small niches) only so called open source software, also known as free software.

Further common information on free software can be found at the FSF (Free Software Foundation), also known as GNU Project.

At October 2001 we started to actively participate in the (further) development of open source software. See the list below.

IBCL's own Open Source Projects

Currently our opensource activities are based on two areas:

Together with our strategic partner EV-i we are constantly working on Java (and some C[++]) libraries hosted under should become an independend non-commercial organisation some time.
Besides the web page, there is a Maven 2 Repository.

Our Debian archive at provides mainly Perl- and Shell-based scripts in the form of debian packages, and some of the work of our Partners EV-i.

Older open source projects

IBCL's work on other Open Source Projects

The following patches are distributed under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Nagios 1.1 - A few plugins

As of 2004-03-14 we use Nagios to observe our servers as well as some customers' servers. As we could not find plugins for certain purposes we wrote them and of course we put them into the public domain:
check_fileage checks for the existence and age of a file. We use this plugin to observe the cron daemon, but other purposes might also be possible. Perl 5 needed.
check_service observes services by calling it's start/stop/status skript in /etc/init.d and optionally tries to restart a stopped or dead service. This shell script requires that the init script supports the status command and computes it correctly.

Apache 1.3.x - Weaking Apache's suexec beeing too strong in ACL environments

On 2003-07-04 we finally decided, after all, that Apache's suexec function works far too restrictive in environments with POSIX-ACLs. The script integrates the patch suexec_weak.patch in Debian Sarge's Apache package. We also provide i386 Archictecture-independent all packages in our Debian package archive (see We still provide the old patch suexec_weak.patch.suse90 for SuSE 9.0.

Cyurus-SASL2 - Strange Cyrus-SASL2 problem with Sendmail+PAM+LDAP

As of 2003-07-03 we detected a problem of Cyrus-SASL2 library concerning the combination of Sendmail providing SMTP-AUTH with LOGIN method over Cyrus-SASL2 via PAM to LDAP, at least on our SuSE 8.2 systems: A linefeed is beeing appended to the user's password either by Sendmail or Cryrus-SASL2! We are not entirely sure it's a bug of Cyrus-SASL2, but nevertheless this patch solves the problem (Cyrus' sourcecode is much easier to understand than Sendmail's ;->>).

Squid Proxy - Safer password handling for Squid's LDAP authentification tools (Official Contribution!)

2003-02-04 we extended some of the LDAP tools of Squid, i.e. squid_ldap_group and squid_ldap_auth: They now can read the bind password from a file, which prevents it from occuring in the process list or in squid.conf. The changed sources and manpages can be downloaded here: squid-2.5.Stable1-ldap-tools.tar.gz.
These patches are also part of the official tarballs, 2.5 (stable) as well as squid 3.0 (devel)!

NeoMail 1.25 - LDAP based authentification and multi domain extenions

In summer 2002 (2002-07-03 to be exact) we changed the well known Webmail solution NeoMail 1.25 in two ways: Find our changed and here: neomail-1.25_patched.tar.gz. (No simple patch file, sorry)